Update 0.0.04 is available for download

The fourth update of Cold:Non-Linear is now available for download. I've been taking some additional time this month to find, and fix, as many bugs as possible; however, here's a list of errors that you may still encounter:

  • The "main menu" button on the dialogue interface returns to previous, rather than to the main menu.
  • After successfully loading a save,  two blank, transparent boxes appear on screen, causing the game to crash if clicked.
  • Loading a save on a choice, will crash the game upon deciding.
  • Sometimes, loading a save will result in a blank screen, without a crash notification.
  • The game will crash when attempting to load a save stored on pages 6 through 10.

I understand these errors may severely impact the overall experience, but rest assured I'm working to resolves these issues as soon as I can. Thank you all for your patience and support <3


ColdNon-Linear_V_0.0.04Linux.zip 968 MB
Jan 07, 2020
ColdNon-Linear_V_0.0.04Mac.zip 996 MB
Jan 07, 2020
ColdNon-Linear_V_0.0.04Win.zip 979 MB
Jan 07, 2020
Win32_V4.zip 976 MB
Jan 07, 2020

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I don't know if this is a bug or not... But when I start a new game the screen goes black and gets stuck like that until I forcefully shut close the game. 

Thanks for telling me,  I thought I fixed a majority of black screen errors, apparently not.

Not a problem, glad I could help. :)